Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate – Health Benefits


Every time when we think about chocolate, we are happy and want to eat it immediately. The world’s most delicious and most famous chocolates are the dark and the milk chocolate. The main difference is that the dark chocolate has about 60% more cocoa than the other one.

According to the experts, both chocolates are made from cocoa. Therefore, as we know, cocoa is rich in flavonoids. They are helpful for our body and act like antioxidants. So, logically, when the amount of cocoa is higher, the amount of flavonoids is higher too. On the other hand, dark chocolate has small amount of sugar and vanilla. It also consists of powder, cocoa liquor and butter. The milk chocolate, has the same ingredients like the dark chocolate, but more sugar and vanilla.

When we talk about comparison between these chocolates, we think of their healthy benefits. Due to their nature, flavonoids are lowering the blood pressure while increasing the good cholesterol. In addition, they are great for our blood vessels and for our brain. According to the doctors, flavonoids can help in some cancer cases. So, in this context, since the dark chocolate has larger amount of flavonoids, it is better for our health.

When we talk about calorie content, the story is a bit different. So, a half bar of dark chocolate contains 245 grams of calories. Milk chocolate contains 219 grams. Moreover, dark chocolate has 26% of fat and milk chocolate has 18%. However, the dark one has 5 grams of healthy fatty acids and the milk one has only 3 grams. In addition, the dark one is much richer in fiber content than the other one.

Due to the large milk content, milk chocolate contains more calcium. But, dark chocolate has more iron, potassium and magnesium.

So, if we take a closer look to these differences, we can easily assume that the black one has more healthy benefits for us!


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